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Kitty Litterature

(a few words about cats)

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A few words about cats
This community is for you to post not just your your cat fiction but also letters, comics, videos, fan art, macros ... basically anything cat-related. Please try and use the relevant tags if they apply so that other users can search by theme.
anthropomorphs, cat, cat lady, catastrophy, caterwaul, cats, comics, crotchless fur suit, fan art, fan fiction, fandom, fanfic, feline, feral cat, fleas, fur suit, fur-curious, furries, furson, fursonality, kevin strickland, kitten, kittens, kitties, kitty, lit, literature, mooshe nickerson, munchkin cat, paw in face, paw-in-face, real people slash, russian blue, sequential art, sketch blog, sketching, slash, squick, yaoi